Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hack: Emacs-like bindings for Pentadactyl

Pentadactyl -- the successor of Vimperator -- can speed up your web-use, especially if you're used to using a high-powered editor like Vi(m) or Emacs.

I've started using Emacs a lot recently, because of the brilliant Emacs TeX packages  (i.e. AUCTeX and RefTeX, preview-latex, outline mode), thus I've got used to Emacs-like bindings.

So, inspired by anrxc's vimperator bindings (but differing significantly from them in many places): a configuration file for  that provides an Emacs-like set of keybindings for Pentadactyl.

1) .pentadactyl configuration file
2) QuickReference 'card' as PDF
3) QuickReference 'card' as TeX
4) QuickReference 'card' as HTML 

This is version 1. Comments/suggestions welcome.

[Edit (2011-Jan-11): With the latest version of Pentadactyl, something seems broken (the mode-line isn't appearing). I don't know if this is something with the configuration or some deeper change to Pentadactyl. However, I've switched to Conkeror, so I'm no longer actively updating this config.

See this BabbageFiles post, "Browsing the web, Emacs-style - with Conkeror".]

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