Tuesday, 25 January 2011

CPUs (+ALUs) in Minecraft

Some people have managed to create working CPUs (or ALUs) in Minecraft. They're slow and have little computing power or memory, but I still think it's an interesting case of recursion. Minecraft simulates a physical world, and these are computers created within the confines, and conforming to the rules of that world.

In any case, some links to information/videos about creating CPUs (and ALUs) in Minecraft follow.

An 8-bit CPU:

And a webpage about it: http://lazcraft.info/tagged/CPU

(This is the project with most information.)

A 16-bit CPU:

Here's the Youtube channel connected with this project: http://www.youtube.com/user/theinternetftw

A 32-bit ALU:

And, finally, it's not a computer, but a pretty cool implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Minecraft:

Conway's Game of Life in Minecraft:

Let me know about other CPUs/ALUs etc. in the comments.

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  1. Conway's Game of Life has been shown to be Turing complete which makes it count as a computer.