Saturday, 21 May 2011

rms on apple and brain scans

Some Apple addicts truly worship that company, suggest brain scans.
That must be why they allow it to abuse them so much and don't care.
I know a number of Apple fans, and they do tend to have strongly favourable attitudes towards Apple products. (Apple things generally seem to be superior to Microsoft things, but the Apple company doesn't seem any less evil than Microsoft, and Linux is generally superior to both anyway.)

But I question whether this is a reaction which is actually specific to Apple fans. I imagine my brain scans might show similar reactions to GNU/Linux and Emacs.... (Most Windows/Microsoft users probably wouldn't show similar results, given that it's really just the "default" nowadays.)

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  1. Do GNU/Linux and Emacs abuse you, though, and do you allow them to simply because you're a fan? That's the key point RMS is getting at, I think.